Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Having just witnessed the swearing-in of ministers, and the President allocating their respective ministries, I am filled with even greater optimism for the sustainable future of our country. I am filled with enormous pride. Now, the serious business of government may be deemed to be afoot.
Without doubt, there will be the usual dissection of today's momentous event, but I'm sure the overwhelming majority of Nigerians would just heave a sigh of relief at seeing the engine of governance rev into life at last. The patience of Nigerians must not be underestimated, and they deserve high praise.
The theme that ran through this momentous event today was one of humility, moderation, dedication and accountability.  As far as I was able to gather, round pegs were put in round holes, and we rightfully expect high level of performance from individual ministers as from today. The choices of Babatunde Fashola as the Minister for Power and Rotimi Amaechi at Transport, are particularly gratifying. The pace of governance has just gone up a few notches. I wish them all the very best of luck in their onerous endeavours, but they must tirelessly seek to justify the very essence of their appointments at this most critical time for our nation. There is no room for failure and incompetence would not be tolerated.
On another note, the removal of Ibrahim Lamorde as EFCC Chairman by President Buhari yesterday raised the watermark of diligence and accountability in office even higher. Buhari's nonreticence in this regard is to be applauded, as this removes any lingering doubt as to the suitability of a clearly soiled Lamorde to preside over the affairs of the EFCC during this onslaught on corruption. As for the CCT Chairman, Danladi Umar, Nigerians expect a similarly decisive action were he to be found wanting in any shape or form. Whomsoever has been placed in a position to execute the fight against corruption and corrupt practices must themselves be above board. The anti-corruption drive needs individuals that are prepared to weather the storm that will surely arise against their persons and antecedence. I'm sure the judiciary is going to be cleansed just as well as it is a congregation of legal crooks and shameless thieves. It would be super hypocritical of anyone purporting to rein in the excesses of others if their own hands were just as, or even more, soiled.
The transparency required in this slug against corruption cannot be over-emphasized. Justice must be served, be seen to be served, and served well in a timely fashion. Most of these indicted thieving morons, Bukola Saraki in particular, are adept at inflicting pain on Nigerians by their greed, but when the time to face the music comes, they look for ways to avoid the pain that their greed must most deservedly inflict on them. It is beyond reason how, while being compunctionless in looting the country dry, they exhibit the cowardly trait of algophobia. They seek to mask their sheepishness with their dogged attempts at avoiding the legal route to absolve themselves of their indictments. They confuse their convictible indictments with actual convictions. Nigerians say, 'go to court and face down your accusers', just like any other citizen would do. Ducking and diving will do the destroyers of our commonwealth no good.
Again, the light has been lit today, and the light, we hope, will reveal the darkness that has bedeviled our country for a great number of years, and beguiled the citizenry. Nigerians expect and demand the crooks and their accomplices be smoked out and made to pay for their treasonous deeds. The flame of good governance has flickered into life and long may it burn. We want our country, our pride, our destiny, and our money back.